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The Unsung Heroes of Entrepreneurship

Lisa Abdilova: Hey Alex, [Hi Lisa!] thanks for taking the time to share what Well Connected Now's journey has been like for you. You've been such a big part of this for me, so much so that, if Well Connected Now was a book, I would dedicate it to you. From the day we met standing in line for Microsoft's Company Meeting, I loved that Alex supported mental health advocacy and enjoyed discussing psychology. Alex's grandma is a retired psychotherapist and his brother is a psychologist in training. Also a software engineer and the love of my life, Alex offers

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5 Ways Business Owners Shake Off Stress

For all you dreamers, doers, and business owners, check out WCN Coach Mary Vallarta's tips on how you can shake off some unnecessary stress. Learn 5 surprising things business owners do that induce stress. Whether you're an entrepreneur, growing your therapy/coaching practice, or strategizing your future company, remember that you can align your time with your goals and promises. After years as a buyer for Macy's, BCBG, and Metropark, WCN Coach Mary Vallarta co-founded FAB Counsel to provide new entrepreneurs insights, tools and resources that empower them to create fulfilling, sustainable and mindful fashion businesses. Plus, meet one of

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Balance your Passions in Work & Life

Andrea Slobodien leads product at 8tracks, a music streaming startup in SF, and studied Science, Technology, and Society at Stanford. When she’s not building products or encouraging friends to try Well Connected Now as one of WCN's greatest evangelists, Andrea writes songs and shares her music with others. Andrea's story represents a rising attitude shift towards balance, one that we're also noticing across our mentoring, coaching, and therapy clients. How can you balance your passions with your career/family dreams? As one perfect example, Andrea's gorgeous singing voice, artistic talents, witty songwriting, and coding skills came together in this

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