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How Therapy Actually Works

It's time to let go of this outdated, stigmatized perception of therapy. Personally, I am convinced therapy works, because I've read the outcomes research and studied the healing effects of therapeutic alliances. I've also heard countless stories from professionals and therapists all over the world about the transformative powers of their supporters. Maybe you're not so sure about therapy yet though, and that's okay. If the stigma wasn't so strong, maybe more of these stories could reach you too. Imagine your friends posting "Therapy worked for me!" on your Facebook feed. Till then, hear Jay Reid, data scientist & psychotherapist

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mental health, success, millennials, #FightTheStigma

Successfully Struggling #FightTheStigma

“Since we’re still functioning successfully, we can’t be defective,” we tell ourselves. Accomplishment levels don’t correlate with personal health. Nearly half (49%) of entrepreneurs struggle with at least one mental health challenge, such as depression, anxiety, addiction, or low self-esteem, and still run successful teams and companies, according to research by the University of California . JK Rowling struggled with depression and wrote Harry Potter books. Michael Phelps managed his ADHD and became one of the most decorated Olympians of all time. Research on the relationship between health and college students’ grades also found that “overall wellness had

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