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9 Tips for Dating & New Relationships

Whether you met through a friend or an app, relationships are still challenging. Sure, you can easily get a new date tomorrow. Does swiping on bring you closer to real love? How does this endless stream of potential new dates influence our willingness to work through each other's imperfections? Therapist/Matchmaker/Relationship Coach, Lauren Korshak, shares 9 tips for navigating dating and new relationships with Well Connected Now's community, based on her and her clients' experiences dating in techie areas like San Francisco and Southern California. Lauren helps clients cultivate intimacy, trust, vulnerability, and self-expression both inside the therapy room

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How Therapy Actually Works

It's time to let go of this outdated, stigmatized perception of therapy. Personally, I am convinced therapy works, because I've read the outcomes research and studied the healing effects of therapeutic alliances. I've also heard countless stories from professionals and therapists all over the world about the transformative powers of their supporters. Maybe you're not so sure about therapy yet though, and that's okay. If the stigma wasn't so strong, maybe more of these stories could reach you too. Imagine your friends posting "Therapy worked for me!" on your Facebook feed. Till then, hear Jay Reid, data scientist & psychotherapist

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Mentors, Career Coaches, and Therapists: Which One's Best to Get You Out of Your Rut?

So, you’re having a problem navigating a tricky situation at the office and you know you need help figuring it out. That much is clear. What’s not so clear is who you should ask for help: a mentor, a career coach, or maybe even a therapist? Trust me, you’re not the first person to struggle with this conundrum. After studying Psychology & Science, Technology & Society at Stanford, coaching Microsoft's Academy of College Hires, and marketing consumer apps around the world as a Tech Evangelist, I saw too many friends, co-workers, and mentees struggle with unsupportive managers

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